• Emily Peters

The 5 Ultimate Wedding Day Tips

"I am sure there is something I haven’t thought of.”

I hear this line almost every time I talk with a new couple. There is a lot that goes into wedding planning and to be honest it’s not always cut and dry. For instance how you planned a wedding in 2019 isn’t the same for 2021.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind regardless of location, guest list, and thankfully year.

1.Know when Sunset is for Your Wedding

This. Is. HUGE. If you want to wait until the ceremony to see your partner for the first time then we will take the Bride and Groom photos immediately after the ceremony. So, say you’re getting married in fall or winter when the sunsets early (oh and don't forget TIME CHANGE!) If you plan to get married at 5:00 it will be completely dark after the ceremony.

For some, this is no big deal. They don’t mind if their photos will be indoor/artificial light at this point of the day. Others want sunset or outdoor photos with their new spouse and the ideal time for this is an hour and half before sunset (if you don't want to do a first look). This is something you both should decide which is more important for you both!

2. Boutonnieres

One thing that will save so much time and help keep a wedding day on track is to make sure the guys have their boutonnieres pinned before their photos. I will be real honest, most people do not know how to do this. I would make sure one person knows their duty is to help put these on. I promise, it will be a lifesaver!

3. Pack the Steamer

Everyone dropped some money on those gorgeous outfits, right?! Most materials will really show wrinkles! Keep everyone looking their best by packing the steamer. Most dress and tux shops will steam these for you, however, between traveling they tend to get wrinkles again. While everyone is getting ready they can take turns steaming dresses and/or tuxes.

4. Family Shot List

One thing I ask from every couple is for a family shot list. Every family dynamic is different and I want to ensure I get a formal photo of the ones who mean the most to you! I don’t want you to receive your wedding gallery and say “Oh no! I didn’t get a photo with my great aunt Susie who has been twice removed!” This is something to do before the wedding so you don’t feel stressed about trying to think of everyone the day of!


For real. I know I’m not the first one to tell you the day will go by so fast, BUT MAN, THE DAY GOES BY SO FAST! The day of your wedding was set into motion long ago. What is meant to happen will happen and it will be beautiful! The number one thing I heard from 2020 brides is, “This isn’t what I planned and it still turned out better.” Take heart in this and enjoy the moments.



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