• Emily Peters

Southern Indiana Wedding at Willow Lake Event Center

May 22, 2021, was the start of Gabby and Kris's new chapter as husband and wife. The wedding took place on a beautiful spring day at Willow Lake Event Center in North Vernon, Indiana. The decor through the venue was a true reflection of how the couple enjoys spending time together, outdoors with deer sheds accented with fresh flowers. Mr. and Mrs. Hubbard have truly caught the best catch!

Throughout the day, I would check on the couple and ask how they felt. Neither answered nervous or anxious. Both were at peace and enjoying the moments of the day as they came. After seeing each other first the first time as Gabby walked down the aisle, you could catch the couple giving each other little side glances and smiles. It was as if they were having their own private party in the midst of being surrounded by a group of people. A true gift to have as husband and wife.

Gabby and Kris, thank you both so much for choosing me to tell the story of your wedding! It has been a blessing to work with you both, as well as with your family and friends. I love how you two can easily laugh with one another. Continue to always be the source of each other's laughter. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Hubbard!

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