• Emily Peters

Southern Indiana Wedding at KlubHaus 61

I think people are honestly just meant to find each other in life. Some people we meet and they are in our life for a short moment, while others last a lifetime. When Ali and Patience went on their first date, Ali knew then that he would marry her. And on May 15, 2021, their story of a lifetime began.

"I can't wait to dance with you!" Patience whispered to Ali moments after their first look. Both giddy and impassioned in the presence of one another. As the day continued to unfold, guests all-around could catch the bride and groom smiling whole heartily at one another or stealing a kiss. Ali and Patience, you're in a club now. A club that I have no doubt together you will fill with the best memories.

Thank you both so much for choosing me to tell the story of your new chapter as husband and wife! It has been an honor to witness the love you both share for each other. Always keep the love between you childlike-creative, imaginative, and a continuous flow without any limits.

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