• Emily Peters

Mr. and Mrs. Titzer - It's a Family Tradition

March 27, 2021 was a date both Nora and Joe's family had excitingly been waiting for. Nora's Mamaw had the date written down along with the name of who her granddaughter would be marrying. This precious note played a big part in the planning and details of Nora and Joe's spring wedding. Although, Mamaw was not in attendance in physical form, her spirt was strong and as each moment unfolded there was no denying it was a divine appointment.

Fresh flowers, lilac accents, and sunshine were in abundance throughout the church and venue giving it the perfect spring theme. Nora's bouquet even had butterflies delicately placed within it. A loving gesture from the family florist who also made the brides first Christmas tree, all butterflies of course!

It was evident when Nora and Joe said they are close to their families. So it was no surprise that their family and the traditions they have built were included on their big day. Playing cards were placed around the reception table so the guest could enjoy a game of cards while sharing a meal and cake together. Also, family wedding gowns were on display as guest walked in. What really amazed me was how many couples were still standing during the generation dance! Another beautiful tradition, strong and loving marriages.

Joe and Nora, I wish you both nothing but the best because you two absolutely deserve it. You will never truly know how much I appreciate your love and kindness. Thank you both so much for allowing me to be there on your wedding day and documenting all the moments that will now be apart of your family story.

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