• Emily Peters

Mr. and Mrs. Gasser- To the Stars and Back

May 1, 2021 has been a long anticipated date for all of the Kentuckiana area. For some it was finally celebrating Derby after a pandemic, but for Lauren and Adam, it was their wedding day at last! The days leading up to the wedding were rainy, but when Saturday rolled around, it was as if the clouds had parted and the fresh flowers were in full bloom.

The outdoor ceremony at Willow Lake Event Center in North Vernon, Indiana was beautifully decorated by Lauren with fresh flowers and rustic accents. The bride also payed tribute to both grandparents during the ceremony by carrying their photos around an elegant bouquet as she walked down the aisle. After, the reception was an alluring scene for guests (including a dinosaur) to mingle and dance throughout the night under the stars. During the party the bride stated, "This is exactly what Adam and I wanted for our guest. For everyone to be outside and having a good time."

Lauren and Adam, you both compliment each other perfectly, which is exactly what you need in a marriage. Watching you both always ready to be what the other person might need in a moment's time and loving each other unconditionally. I wish nothing but the best for you both and thank you for choosing me to capture the love between you.

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