• Emily Peters

Mr. and Mrs. Crites- Giving Traditions a New Twist

March 20, 2021 was not only the first day of Spring, it was also the first day of Ashley and Luke's new chapter as husband and wife. The wedding took place at Westgate Academy in Oden, Indiana and the venue had the right touches of navy and burgundy. A nod from the patriotic couple who met while working on a military base.

While waiting for the first look with her flower girls, Ashley said, "I'm not nervous or stressed about anything. Whatever is going to happen was just meant to be." What was meant to be was a beautiful and smooth ceremony that lead into a night full of dancing and laughs!

The couple put a new twist to an old tradition that I truly hope to see at more weddings. The couple did a generation dance, which is an old tradition. However, I LOVE when this is done at a wedding! It gives a chance for all the married couples to share a slow dance. The way I see couples look at each other is so heartwarming. I mean how many times do you get to go out dancing now?! So the fact that one song is reserved for them is so sweet. But, here is the twist that I am LOVING.

Rather than doing a bouquet toss, the couple gave whoever had been married the longest the bouquet. YOU GUYS, the sweet lady who received these flowers was crying, I was crying, everyone was crying! That's how much the small gesture meant to her and it was so heartfelt!

Ashley and Luke, thank you both so much for allowing me to tell the story of your wedding day. From the glimpse I was honored to witnessed of your giving and loving hearts, I know your best journey has just begun!

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