• Emily Peters

More than the Photographer

Updated: Apr 21


I know on your wedding check list you needed to hire a photographer and fingers crossed it's me. But here's the thing, I'm so much more than the photographer.

From the first inquiry until even after the wedding I am here to serve my people. Serving has looked like so many different things over the past six years. It has been everything from helping couples find vendors, bustling dresses, fixing hair, solely decorated a venue when a family member couldn't, cleaning the venue, cry with my brides when their plans changed and then changed again and again. I have met with my girls at coffee shops or even just sat on my front porch together while we planned and always lending an ear when they just needed to talk about that MIL,BOM, or BM who was making planning a little difficult.

On your wedding day, I want to serve you in such a way that you can relax and enjoy the day with your loved one. Not worrying about the next thing. I once heard a bride ask where her MOH was and the groom replied, "Well Emily is right there. She basically has been your Maid of Honor."

That's what I want for you.

Your photographer turned trusted friend.



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