• Emily Peters

A Classic Contemporary Kentucky Wedding at The Gillespie

Three taps on the shoulder were the signal for Maher to turn and see his wife for the first time on their wedding day. Once he turned, Maher made a simple statement, "a queen." A perfect word to describe Dzenet in her brilliantly designed custom gown and fine-cut diamonds. Together the couple turned heads as they strolled through downtown Louisville before celebrating with family and friends at The Gillespie.

It was refreshing to watch this couple become excited together when they would speak of their past adventures and the possibilities of the future. They undeniably treasure being in the presence of one another. You could catch Maher giving Dzenet a kiss on the hand and the look on his face showed the love and honor that he deeply feels for her.

Maher and Dzenet, thank you both so much for choosing me to capture your wedding day. This experience will be one I talk about for a lifetime! The day could not have been more beautiful. I wish nothing but the best for you both. Thank you for your kindness. It has truly been an honor!

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